Rae of Light Scholarship Nomination

Rae of Light Scholarship Nomination

The Rae of Light Endowed Scholarship, in memory of Araella Renee Swift Bornmann (12/20/1997 - 4/15/2018), was established to encourage students at Waynesburg University to let their light shine before others, that all may see and give glory to God (Matthew 5:16).

Jesus was Araella's best friend. It was evident that the joy of the Lord was her strength and that her hope was in Heaven. Still, during her time on earth, Rae overflowed into the lives of everyone around her. Through handwritten notes and prayer, she encouraged. Through laughter, she uplifted, and through music, she praised. Through her Bible and creation, Rae found peace, shared it with others, and fell more deeply in love with Him!

Like a city on a hill, Araella did her best to let her light shine, even in the midst of trials. Bold in her faith, when darkness hovered, Araella proclaimed the Truth and believed in the promises of eternal life. She was thankful for each day that she was given. Araella lived to love God and others!

As a testament to Araella's beautiful life and to her beloved Waynesburg University community, the Rae of Light Scholarship is endowed, in love, to offer a student entering junior or senior year a one-time scholarship. Recipients will be recognized by their peers as individuals who love those around them, shine light in the darkness, and worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

Selection for the Rae of Light Endowed Scholarship will be determined by the criteria outlined below, a peer nomination process, and the prayerful discretion of a three-person committee chaired by Mr. Josh Sumpter, the University Chaplain at Waynesburg Univeristy. If there is no student who exactly matches the criteria, the award will be given to a student who most closely meets the guidelines.

The Scholarship recipient will meet the following criteria:
- A sophomore or junior at the time of nomination & selection
- Have a declared major & purpose to serve
- Be involved in campus ministry as a leader or regular participant
- Reflect the light of Jesus & love others on campus and/or the community

To nominate one of your peers, complete this form and describe why this nominee is deserving of the Rae of Light Endowed Scholarship. Please provide detail explaining how your nominee meets the above criteria and why he or she is deserving of this scholarship for the next academic year.

The nomination form will be available from January 4, 2021 to February 5, 2021.