Pumpkin Drop 2022

Pumpkin Drop 2022

This form is a sign up sheet for the Pumpkin Drop.

Please complete the required information below and carefully read the note at the bottom for additional steps to complete registration.


On October 27th at 4pm, students participating will drop a pumpkin from the 3rd floor of Stover.
Pre-registration is required (see details below). Participants are permitted to protect or package their pumpkin in hopes that it will survive the drop. All participating students with surviving pumpkins will be awarded a cash prize.


Pumpkins that make the drop without breaking: $100
Most Creatively Packaged Pumpkin: $100


1. Registration opens Oct. 13th. Only the first 25 registered groups will be allowed to participate. Registration is first come, first serve.

2. Teams will be made up of 1-4 WU students.

3. Teams must be able to lift and drop the pumpkin (package included) off of the balcony.

4. No hard materials are allowed to be used to create your pumpkin packaging. No wood, metals, PVC pipe, or glass. Soft garbage cans are acceptable.

5. Only one pumpkin is allowed for use during the competition. If the pumpkin you receive from WU is destroyed, you may replace your pumpkin. However, WU will not issue any replacement pumpkins.

6. In attempt to help with cleanup after the competition, your pumpkin must be placed within a container or bag. For example, a plastic bag may be used around the pumpkin.

7. By entering, you are allowing the eHIVE to use your design in photo or video that may be used for eHIVE promotion or competition voting on the eHIVE’s Instagram.